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Wildlife Management
A great resource for this CDE is the Ohio Hunter Education Study Guide.  The link to this guide is Is the Georgia FFA website and has great sample tests on it for Wildlife.

Animal track games:

Bird Identification games:

Fish identification quiz:



Wildlife Management Test 2005 Shari Anderson 12/6/2012 162 KB
2007 Wildlife Test Shari Anderson 12/6/2012 27 KB
2009 Wildlife Test Shari Anderson 12/6/2012 94 KB
Pond Management Shari Anderson 2/24/2016 4194 KB
Pest Control Shari Anderson 2/24/2016 9525 KB
Ohio Comprehensive Conservation Strategy Shari Anderson 2/24/2016 5032 KB
Ohio Pond Management Handbook Shari Anderson 2/24/2016 1419 KB
Wildlife Legislative and Regulations Shari Anderson 2/24/2016 5858 KB
Habitat Management Requirements Shari Anderson 2/24/2016 53 KB
Crop Damage Manual Shari Anderson 3/2/2017 2741 KB
SWCD Controlling Crop Damage Shari Anderson 3/2/2017 34 KB
Nuisance Wild Animal Control Manual Shari Anderson 3/2/2017 4054 KB
Coyote Control Shari Anderson 3/2/2017 2044 KB
Fact Sheet Racoons Shari Anderson 3/2/2017 161 KB
Uninvited House Guests Shari Anderson 3/2/2017 449 KB
Aging and Sexing Wildlife Shari Anderson 3/2/2017 5236 KB



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