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  Welcome to Marysville FFA website. We are an agricultural science program located in Marysville, OH. Our chapter has 226 active AET student accounts and 3 teachers.  

Our students are developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

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Through using Green Star mapping I am able to look at the field as a whole and look at the totals in yields and mositure. Here I
Here I am stripping the wire mesh from our old wooden hutch. I stripped all the wire off and then power washed the entire hutch to strip the hutch of any stains or feces. I will later turn this into my nursery where i will house my market rabbits. I will separate these hutch (which was originally one cage) into three different cages were their will be enough room for 3 market rabbits, of course these rabbits will be split into three group according to weight.
Here, i am tightening a hose clamp down with a flathead screwdriver. This keeps the on/off valve for the waterers, tightened on. This lets you shut off a waterer if you are not using it at the moment. This then leads to the nipple that they hit, and then drink the water.
Holding Sophie & feeding her carrots
Trimming rabbits toenails are an important management practice. Trimming toenails is normally done to any rabbit a few days before it goes to the show and to all other rabbits. You should keep toenails trimmed to keep the rabbits from getting them caught in the cage wire and ripping there nails or from leaving bad scratches. Also to keep the other rabbits safe when breeding comes to hand. If toenails are not trimmed and are broke off they will take a while to grow back and may not grow back the right way. Leaving a fault if you were wanting to show the rabbit.
This is me fixing the rabbit cage door that was loose. There are clamps that fit the tool I am holding that squeeze the door wire to the the rest of the cage. My grandpa taught me how to use this tool and he taught me how to put the blue strip of plastic across the edges of the door so you do not cut your arm. I still have to put them on alot of the cages this year.
These are a set of twin calves. Unfortunately the cow was not able to provide milk for both calves. So in order to keep the calves healthy we give them a milk replacement mixture. This gives the calves all of the vitamins they need as young calves to survive and grow. They will eventually be weaned off of the milk replacer and begin to drink water and eat solid grain. Activities such as this are standard animal health procedures. Animal health is our top priority.
In this picture I am coming out of the Novice Youth Western Pleasure class at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. I received 3rd in the NSBA and 4th overall in this class. I showed in this class because this is what I worked on with Rocko since he was old enough to ride. His forte is the Western Pleasure and all of the hard work here paid off. Now I have to work on other disciplines and try to get them as strong as this one.
Cattle are fed whole kernel corn and hay in the winter. The herd is a 10 cow cow/calf herd and consist of mostly Angus. However there is also one belted cow that is a Buelingo. In the future my employers would like to phase out the angus and have a herd of Buelingo cattle. The reason for this is because the Buelingo breed has excellent mothering abilities and fast growth on pasture and good meat qualities. The cattle are fed in the barn so that the feed and cattle stay dry. We also make sure that there is a place at the bunk for every animal so that there is no fighting over feed.
Male puppy born 5/19/10.
In this picture, i am driving in an already drove in stake. I didnt take it out, because the pigs would have got out. But i did put the pen together. I drove stakes in, them put up the fence, tied it together, then put in the feeders. The stakes are just to support the fence better.
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