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  Welcome to Marysville FFA website. We are an agricultural science program located in Marysville, OH. Our chapter has 223 active AET student accounts and 3 teachers.  

Our students are developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Please take a look around our site to see what's going on at Marysville FFA.

I was practicing to back Anthony up because that is one of the skills he needs to know how to do and should be able to do very well when we do rides with him so we can maneuver around things and places easy.
Here I am cleaning out underneath the dump pit. Water gets trapped underneath and it can cause it to rust. By cleaning out out the water and other debris it can prevent future problems. I used a vacuum and an air compressor to remove the debris. In the picture I am using the air compressor to blow out the debris.
Begining picture of box system
The cold weather crops that I had planted in early April showed signs of unhealthy leaves. Because they were young plants, they could easily be effected by pests. After observing the holes, I thought at first that we had an infestation of either a) cabbage worms, or b) flea beetles. Seeing no signs of infestation of cabbage worms and larvae, nor flea beetles, I came to the conclusion that aphids were eating the Kale leaves( because there were numerous ants on the leaves of the plants - ants are attracted to the secretion that aphids give off.) In effort to ward off these pests, I learned how to properly mix and apply insecticides without harming the plants themselves. (under the guidance of my dad - who also took this picture)
It is very important to apply fertilizer on my fields to provide better yields and to pervent other types of crop damage such as bugs and weeds. Here I
Here I am clearing the drain so the field will not flood. If the field floods then the crops can die or they can
In this picture I am stacking up hay which is fed to my market steers.  I had to move more rough cut hay up to the front barn because I had ran out of it.  The steers are fed rough cut hay because they at weight and I just want to fill them so they don
These are the new born babies from our rex that we had, they are all four weeks old now and i plan to sell them in the future.
creating smaller coldframe
I am conecting tho different pieces of pvc in this one. I had to first, cut the pieces to size. Second, i had to put the purple primor stuff on. Last, i had to put the glue on, then hold the pvc together for a few minutes. After 12 hours i turned on the water and it worked.
4/18/12 - Setting up the pen for my 2012 Market Lambs.
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October 23
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    Officer mtg,
November 1
    STATE Food Science Online Exam (NE)
November 6
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November 9
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Register for the Marysville FFA Youth Camp!!  June 30th 9:00am-12:00pm.  The cost is $20.00 and for youth ages 8-13.  The camp will be held in the Marysville Agricultural Education Department @ Marysville High School!  Register by June 15th.  

Copy and Paste the link below to register.  Then mail your registration fee with to Marysville FFA, 1000 Edgewood Drive, Marysville, Ohio 43040.

Date Posted: 5/16/2017

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For information about Marysville FFA , please contact:
Marysville FFA
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